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...the alternative concept to disposable products

härdi® Carefill covers a range of products designed to provide optimal construction in boil-washable nappies, incontince products and underbedding.

baby sleeping bag fillings  boil washable nappies  boil washable fillings for incontinence underlay

These Nonwoven-Fabrics have a specific liquid absorption capacity of 10 times of its own weight and are strong enough to withstand over 100 boil-wash cycles at 95°C. To suit the applications, the product is available in different weights.

The Wet-back Barrier, another product, is required to transfer liquid quickly away from the wearer’s body to the absorbent Nonwoven-Fabric and simultaneously prevent it being drawn back via capillary action.

All products comply to Oekotex Standard 100 class I.


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