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...and you leave it spik and span

Pavisave is the most renown floor covering in the construction industry. An effective and cost saving covering protects all kind of floors from liquids, paint and construction emissions. Pavisave is specially suitable for covering staircase - even without time consuming use of adhesive tape! The cover is absolutly easy to lay and saves your time before and after doing work in a room. Customers appreciate neat work and a professional way of dealing with their precious flooring. - Did you know that we offer the härdi®-Pavisave as well with your privat label?

safe and efficient covering of stairs without tape  pavisave impact resistant trough air cushion  impermeable floor protection for paint, dirt and liquids

How to use:

  • easy and fast covering
  • overlap 8cm (3inch)
  • no crikles
  • multiple use - enviromental-friendly


  • Synthetic non-woven with a sturdy foil on the top side as a liquid barrier
  • Special non-slip treatment of the underside
  • Elastic volume for effective floor protection with 3mm (0.1 Inch)  thickness of special fiber non-woven.


neutral, white

Size and form of delivery:

 width  length  form of delivery
 2m (78inch)  50m (164ft)  8 rolls per pallet
 1m (39inch)  50m (164ft)  16 rolls per pallet
 1m (39inch)  25m (82ft)  20 rolls per pallet
 1m (39inch)  5m (16ft)  40 rolls per pallet


Important notice:

Use special care covering fresh laid natural stone and paving tiles, as well as fresh treated parquet! The underground must be dry and chemical evaporations must be completely terminated. Stains and residues can be the consequence. Try on a small spot in case of doubt!


On natural stone and paving tiles as well as with parquet we recommend the use of our ultra vapor open and breathable härdi Pavisave Vapo



Through your specialized dealers.Only large scale distributor have access to direct delivery.


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