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härdi® Pavisave Vapo: PERMEABLE TO VAPOUR! Print E-mail

...let off the steam

härdi® Pavisave Vapo is the right product to jam parquet, join tiles and natural paving tiles and to thereafter forthwith continue working in the same room. The Pavisave Vapo is built up with a unique membrane which is ultra-permeable for vapour. Humidity is efficiently being evaporated through the floor protecting systen. Save your time and money and proceed working with härdi® Pavisave Vapo.
Professional construction work made efficient.

membrane of floor protection lets pass the vapor  Pavisave VAPO for parquet, tiles and natural paving tiles  Swiss Quality floor protection by Haerdi


  • Efficient floor protection
  • Ultra permeable to vapour
  • Liquid barrier
  • Very breathable



Floor protection with liquid barrier for covering floors of all kinds, specially suitable for natoral and porous stone, paving tiles and parquet.

  • covering and protecting the floor
  • free of crinkles
  • easy and fast to lay out
  • overlap 8 cm (3 inch)
  • use several times


  • The mon-woven is made of tough synthetic fibres and laminated with hard-wearing breathable membrane on the upper side
  • The bottom side is slip-proof treated
  • Floor protection through air cushioning with a shock absorbing layer of approx. 3 mm (0.1 Inch) of special fiber non-woven


neutral white

Size and form of delivery:

 width  length  form of delivery
 2m (78inch)  50m (164ft)  8 rolls per pallet
 1m (39inch)  50m (164ft)  16 rolls per pallet
 1m (39inch)   5m (16ft)  40 rolls per pallet

Important notice:

Allways follow the recommendations and waiting period of the manufacturer of parquet and sealing wax! Natural stone and tiles can be covered right after initial venting. Ensure good room ventilation and give the surface time to dry befor covering. Try on a small spot in case of doubt!



Through your specialized dealers. Only large scale distributor have access to direct delivery.



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