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The bullet proof solution for your final filtration stage

We present you with our fine filter product a media series, which will never leave you in the lurch. From adhesive coatings to dust safety barriers, you will find all known quality factors in our fine filter products.

In the fine filtration is a reliable high class filter the alpha and omega, because failure of the material can result in damage and consequential costs of unquantifiable amount. For our high standard we are only using premium material for our fine filters and we are continuously improving the performance of our filters. All our fine filters are additionally strengthened on the clean-air-side what makes the material more robust and stiffer. Therefore we can guarantee a solid and reliable filtration over the whole life span.

Protect your investment and resources sustainable with premium filters. The result will assure your decision.


Our Quality Factors

Thourgh long term research and experiance in textile- and filtration technology, as well as our very frequent exchange of information with our partners, we have isolated clear quality factors, which have been integrated into all our filtration products. Purchasing filtration media is combined with a high amount of trust into the manufacturer. Therefore a faultless customer service and a constant high quality is in our manifesto.

Progressive Build-Up Progressive Build-Up

A gradual fibre build-up allows us to separate the dust particles by size within the filter media. This approach gives the air stream more space and lowers therefore the pressure drop drastically and maximizes the life span of the media. Cost and Energy savings are the benefits for you.

Inflammability and Flame Retardancy Inflammability

All our Filtermedia are fullfilling the high standards of the DIN EN 53 438 and reach the highest level F1/K1

Dust Safety Barrier Dust Safety Barrier

Through a special process we can solidify the clean air side or the filter mat what creates a safety barrier for the dust. This barrier protects you from dust break through when mechanical stress is performed in the filter mat.

Resistant Fibres Resistant Fibres

We only utilize high quality fibres for our air filters. This allows us to create stiff materials, what enables you to manufacture standing pockets who achieve the promised performance. Our media are 100% glass free and therefore suited for critical applications.

DIN EN 779 Sustainable filter tests

All our Filters are being tested by the official European Norm EN 779. All data provided to our media are therefore correct and reproducible.


Jakob Härdi AG Fine filter range

Developed for various applications, starting with private aeration plants (HVAC) until professional gas-fired power plants, you will find the customized solution for you. For any further questions we are happy to give you further personal support here.

Can you not find your individual filter product in our range?

Contact us direct here, and we are helping you finding your customized solution.

M5 Series

Name HF 110/4 SHPT
HF 190/10 SHPT
HF 300/16 SHP
HG 601/25 SHP
 13234.110-HF110  01500.195-HF190  01501.300-HF300  13306.590-HF601
Filter class M5 M5 M5 M5
Initial pressure loss  12 Pa  22 Pa  23 Pa  35 Pa
Final pressure loss  450 Pa  450 Pa  450 Pa  450 Pa
Dust holding capacity  270 g/m2  340 g/m2  370 g/m2  400 g/m2
Initial Arrestance  89 %  90 %  91 %  92 %
Average Arrestance  95 %  95 %  96 %  97 %
Initial Efficiency 21 % 21 %  23 %  24 %
Average Efficiency 42 % 48 %  50 %  58 %
Thickness ca.  4 mm  10 mm  16 mm 25 mm
Temperature resistance  100 (120) °C  100 (120) °C  100 (120) °C  100 (120) °C
Standard width  200 cm  200 cm  200 cm  200 cm


M6 Series

Name HM 652/6 SHPT
HM 653/6 SHPT
 13225.230-HM652  13224.280-HM653
Filter class  M6  M6
Initial pressure loss  39 Pa  43 Pa
Final pressure loss  450 Pa  450 Pa
Dust holding capacity  150 g/m2  260 g/m2
Initial Arrestance  96 %  93 %
Average Arrestance  98 %  98 %
Initial Efficiency 22 % 25 %
Average Efficiency 62 % 70 %
Thickness ca.  6 mm  6 mm
Temperature resistance  100 (120) °C  100 (120) °C
Standard width  200 cm  200 cm


Special Applications

Name HF 303/14 SP
HF 251/10 PHY
 18092.300-HF303  18099.250-HF251

 Anwendungen mit
höchster Standzeit

Filter class M5 M5
Initial pressure loss  53 Pa 57 Pa
Final pressure loss  250 Pa  250 Pa
Dust holding capacity  240 g/m2  330 g/m2
Initial Arrestance  85 %  83 %
Average Arrestance  90%  91 %
Initial Efficiency  21 % 20 %
Average Efficiency 48 % 42 %
Thickness ca. 14 mm  10 mm
Temperature resistance  100 (120) °C  100 (120) °C
Standard width  200 cm  200 cm


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