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Jakob Haerdi AG - Swiss made ceiling filter media

Fine filtration in spray booth

The aviation, as well as the automotive industry rely on the härdi® - fine filtration product line. Based on the efficient filtration technology, we are able to provide a consistent air stream through your cabin. Let us improve your quality factors.

A high quality is not enough!

With over 100 years of experience in textile technology, we achieve an outstanding filtration performance for all price ranges. To guarantee this filtration performance we only manufacture first class raw materials. This consistent quality is much appreciated by our customers and allowes them to supply also upmarkets like the aviation industry or car manufacturing plants.
We are able to customize our products towards you needs and supply you with bulk rolls or also pre-cuts.

Technological advantage

The products of Jakob Härdi AG are unbeaten by the current state-of-the-art. Together with our customers we find the optimal product for them within our ceiling filter product range. From a fully tackified media up to a proper protection barrier we can manufacture everything you need for a certain application or market.
The latest development is our HCF 500 which was optimized for energy efficiency. With this model you lower your energy consumptions drastically by up to 35%. This will have an immense impact on your monthly energy bills. Proved and tested by many customers, we appreciate to serve you with constant high filter quality.
Through the constant low pressure drop, you will enjoy a constant very laminary air stream, which allows an ideal finish and a safe workplace.


HCF 700

HCF 600

HCF 500

07501.500-HCF700 07504.400-HCF600 13341.300-HCF500

 Filter class

F5 (F6)



 Dust spot efficiency [%]




 Dust weight arrestance [%]




 Dust holding capacity [g/m²]




 Initial pressure loss [Pa]
 @ 0.25m/s (!)




 final pressure loss [Pa]




Our ceiling filter properties

  • Protection cloth against mechanical stress
  • Progressive build-up
  • Fully tackified
  • Up to 35% better energy efficiency
  • Higest safety through dust protection barrier
  • Flame retardant  (DIN 53438 F1)
  • Exact rotary blade cut
  • Tousandfold proven by discerning customers around the world
  • 100% glass free


Form of delivery

Standard product: 2 meters wide, 20 running meters per roll.
Customized aricles (from 5000 m2): maximum width: 2.4 meters; roll length at buyer's option, customized print on clean air side.
Pre-cut pieces: Our products are also available as pre-cut pieces; Requirement: shorter edge shorter then 2 meters (max. 2.4 meters).

Filter Know-How: Frequent mistakes regarding filtration technology

  • The heavier a filter the better its performance:
    - No, the filtration efficiency is a result of the fibre build-up and its pore size. The mass has no direct relation with the filtration performance.
    - Example: A piece of toilet paper often has a higher filtration efficiency than a F5-Filter.
  • The thicker a filter the better its performance:
    - There is again no direct relation of the thickness and the filtration performance. Nevertheless a thicker media has more space to separate dust gradually, what has a positive influence in the pressure drop. This applies only if the progressive build-up has been made of high quality. In the picture below you see an example of an unsatisfactory progressive build-up. You will pay redundant material.


Migration test - Competitor product with bad usage of the filter volume

Competitor product with bad usage of filter structure


Competitor product without a dust protection barrier on the clean air side.

bad example of ceiling filter - dust through safety barrier


  • The stickier a filter the better:
    - An oily or sticky filter is not a guarantee for good dust absorption. We use a special tackifier which has a waxy touch. When fibres are to sticky the risk is high that the fibres will stick to each other and create caps.


What are the determining factors for a filter?

The performance of a filter media is a result of three factors:
1. Filtration performance: The filter class (EN779) - which filter class requires my process?
2. Life span: Dust holding capacity - How much dust can my filter store away until it is "full"?
3. Operating cost: Initial pressure loss - How big is the air resistance / energy consumption of the filter?


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