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Aerosol filters for gas-liquid separation and drainage

Based on our unique machinery, we have the possibility to give our filter media multifunctional properties to maximize the aerosol filtration- and drainage performance.

The main difference between aerosol and dust filtration is the aggregate state. Solid particles are being blocked by the fibres and stored within the media. Liquid aerosols are however not lockable in the media and will be pushed further through the material by the air stream. The Jakob Härdi drainage and filtration material is a simple and sustainable solution which removes the liquids from the filter media and regenerates it. Our solution has improved filtration systems from compressed air filters, oil mist separators and various other applications, which are dealing with aerosols around the world since many years and with great success.

Visible multifunctionality of a Hydro-/ Oleophilic and a Hydro-/ Oleophobic layer

Hydro-/ Oleophilic and Hydro-/ Oleophobic Layer


The media can customized to your filtration system, for a more detailed evaluation please contact us here. We are happy to support you with more information.


Aerosol separation

Through the multifunction approach of a Hydro-/Oleophilic and a Hydro-/Oleophobic property within one media we are able to absorb, coagulate and drain the liquid out of the air stream without any additional energy. The enlargement of the particles and the approach of a reversed progressive build up have major effect on the performance and energy consumption of the whole filtration system used resulting in:

  • Extended life span of your filter

  • A continuous low pressure drop

  • Preventing any oil carry-over from the filter

funktionsweise drainage eng


Drainage function

A unique ability of our company is the possibility to control the direction of every single fibre within the material. With this ability we can create a media which is using the full potential of the capillary action. Having this property increases the drainage performance drastically without any additional energy needed and therefore being able to drain a higher amount of liquids out of the air stream as other drainage media. Also in some applications various benefits have occurred in the manufacturing process because of other characteristics which come with this approach.

Display of the drainage performance (rotatet by 90°)

Display of the Drainage Performance


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