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High temperature filters for the Hot Gas Filtration

One of our specialities are filters for applications where high temperatures can occur or are needed and clean process air is required like in the drying industry or power plants.


Based on the usage of high quality raw materials and through intensive research we could develop filter media, which have a higher temperature resistance than regular air filter media on the market. Which this approach we can manufacture polyester based material which can resist a peak temperature of 200°C. Our hot gas filters benefit from all our quality characteristics we implement into our coarse and fine filters. The fibre construction is not harmed by the hot process air and remains on the long term its filtration performance. Also is the filter media not being damaged by the hot particles which are being filtrated and protects your infrastructure from contamination, which can stove and cause damage. Through raising requirements of clean air regulations, new markets are created for this media from private households to industrial applications.

Hot Gas Filtration


Jakob Härdi standard Hot Gas Filters

Name HG 203/14 SHP
HG 240/18 SHP
HF 315/15 SHP
 17342.200-HG203  15196.230-HG240  01501.300-HF300
Filter class  G4 G4 F5
Initial Pressure Loss  50 Pa 58 Pa  25 Pa
Final Pressure Loss  250 Pa  250 Pa  450 Pa
Dust Holding Capacity  330 g/m2  330 g/m2  300 g/m2
Initial Arrestance  83 %  87 %  92 %
Average Arrestance  90%  90 %  96 %
Initial Efficiency - - 21 %
Average Efficiency - - 50 %
Thickness ca. 13 mm  18 mm 15 mm
Temperature resistance  240 °C  180 (200) °C  180 (200) °C
Standard Width  200 cm  200 cm  200 cm


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