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Coalescer filter mat for your mineral oil separator

Efficient and favourable solution for your industrial waste water purification

Mineral light liquids like oil are a constant threat to our environment. Therefore we concentrate on efficient innovations to protect our natural resources. Our coalescer combines 100 years of experience in non-woven technology and filtration engineering.


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The material is developed for oil/water separation and provides you the following benefits:

  • Efficient solution for wastewater treatment

  • Maximum separation of oils and fats

  • Maximum separation of Aerosols in air streams

  • Outstanding stability and resistance against aggressive substances though special fibres

  • Steady fibre structure and guaranteed Swiss quality

This coalescing filter mat is being used in countless oil/water separators and is approved by various governmental building authorities. To assure if the härdi® coalescing filter can be used in your separator, please contact us directly or the manufacturer of your installation.


Product specification

HG 400/38 HL
Coalescer filter mat
Weight per square unit 400 g/m2
Thickness 38 mm
Flow rate for H2O at Δp 1kPa > 600 l/m2 s
Calculated pore volume 99 %
Temperature range 5 - 80 °C
pH-Range of liquid 4 - 10


Swiss non-woven specialist

Our resources are our strengths. With this principle we develop and produce non-wovens since 100 years for multiple industries world wide. Our loyal and satisfied costumers believe in our innovation power as a sustainable corporate strategy.


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