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härdi® - Filtration and Separation Products

The Jakob Härdi AG is based in Oberentfelden Switzerland and develops, produces and delivers since over 100 years non woven material for various industries in the international market with big success. The high customer satisfaction and loyality confirm our role as a reliable premium supplier. Based on our unique machinery we are able to serve you with a diverse assortment of filtration products which is constantly beeing improved.

Jakob Härdi AG - Headquarters

Through the clearly progressive filter design the maximum filter performance by a minimum energy consumption can be achieved. Your customers greatly value the high lifetime of our filters through the outstanding dust holding capacity. It really pays off to have bigger service intervals and lower energy consumption!

The Product range of härdi® filter media covers mid-efficiency air filters from G2 - G4 and high-efficiency filters from F5 - F6 (new M5 / M6)

Along with our standard product range we develop and manufacture many customized filter medias for international customers on all continents. We know what we do in filter technology - please feel free to contact us any time. We look forward to exceed your expectations with our Swiss Made products.


Our Filtration Products

Coarse Filter
Fine Filter
Aerosol Filter
Drainage Media
High Temperature Filter
Ceiling Filter
Coalescing Filter
Waste water treatment


härdi® filter media are successfully used in following applications:

  • HVAC
  • spray booth, diffusion media, ceiling filter
  • gasturbines
  • compressors, oil mist coalescer
  • vacuum cleaner
  • exhaust hoods
  • hot gas filtration
  • liquid-, food- and pharmaceutical filtration
  • ATEX electrically conductive filter
  • etc.


Your benefits:

  • constant and reproducible high quality, living up to your highest expectations
  • progressive characteristics of filter media specific to your needs
  • silicone free
  • weldable (thermal, ultrasonic and high frequency welding)
  • mechanical, thermal and chemically consolidated medias
  • tested according to EN 779 standards
  • flame retardant according to DIN 53438 F1/K1
  • resistant to moisture up to 100%rh

We offer finish for:

  • oleophobic
  • hydrophobic
  • hydrophilic
  • anti microbial
  • odor absorbing
  • high temperature resistance
  • coalescer media
  • etc.


  • Please do not hesitate to CONTACT us
  • send us an E-MAIL with details of your requirements -we appreciate your business

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