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...good design does not have to be expensive !

Versatile in its form, volume, properties and colors - non-wovens form härdi, are outstanding in decoration projects. Our customers have success with our Swiss made non-wovens for:

  • Decoration during Christmas time
  • Carnival costume
  • Theatre costume
  • Window dressing
  • Photo shooting
  • ...and many applications more

  ghost  carnival costume  carnival costume

Product description (e.g. for Christmas Tree Underlay):

differnet weights per sq ft, stiffness, softness, volume
flame retardant
available with glitter for the decorative "snow"-look
catches needles from the pine tree
protects floor from paraffin
easy to drape

Have a look at the non-wovens we have in our factory outlet in Oberentfelden Switzerland. Come by and let yourself be inspired!


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