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Fashion & Function with High Performance Insulation Nonwoven-Fabrics

The härdi Thermo range offers high quality fiberfillings for all different applications such as Sportswear, Fashion (Women, Men) and Workwear.

The range comprises nonwoven-fabrics for various requirements and applications as follows:
  • Boil-washing at 95°C
  • Garment-dye Process at 95°C
  • Replacement of downs
  • Freely suspended processing
  • Hard-wearing garment

All products are tested and certified according to Oekotex Standard 100 class III. On request we are pleased to supply sample metres for testing. Labels for consumer information are available free of charge for all our products.

high performance insulation  non-woven filling for climate controll for sportsware  replacement of downs  high tensile strength for freely suspended processing in trousers

Functional Nonwoven Fabric – härdi® Klima:

Functional fibrefill for active Sportswear. The special combination of fibres offers an outstanding water vapour transmission, providing a greater wear comfort.

Nonwoven-Fabric for Replacement of downs – härdi® Superloft+:

A fibrefill made of very fine fibres with down-like properties, high insulation value and a soft touch. The combination of special fibres ensure a high loft and excellent care properties.

Nonwoven-Fabric with finest fibres – härdi®  Finesse Volume:

Fibrefill with finest fibres for fashionable garments in combination with functional fabrics. High insulation value, a soft touch and handle are the characteristics of this fibrefill.

Nonwoven-fabric for freely suspended processing – härdi® Strongfill Slim:

Slim fibrefill, very soft with exceptional high tensile strength for freely suspended processing in trousers, long jackets.

Boil-washable Nonwoven-Fabric – härdi® Dyloft:

Boil-washable fibrefill, developed specially for Garment - Dye Process, with high insulation values, minimal volume loss after many wash- cycles at 95°C and exceptional hard-wearing properties. This Nonwoven-fabric is suitable for applications in garments in food or hygiene industries.

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