schweizer vlies hersteller - swiss manufacturer of nonwovens
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Jakob Härdi AG located in the heart of Switzerland
Köllikerstrasse 17
CH-5036 Oberentfelden


about us:

  • 45 qualified and dedicated employees
  • premises of 14000m2 (150000 sq ft)
  • >50% Export
  • 60% customized products
  • versatile machinery for non-woven production and finish
  • flexible processes
  • ÖKOTEX certification for fashion, outdoor, wadding and other products


  • crosslaid / longitudinal non-wovens costomized products - your advantage
  • aerodynamic non-wovens
  • mechanical-, thermal- and chemical bonding
  • spraying / colouring / impregnation
  • foam treatment
  • laminating
  • calendering
  • printing
  • punching
    ...and many other processes

Research & Development:

  • development of tailor-made and customer specific products
  • chemical laboratory
  • process laboratory
  • quality control
  • product research and development
  • test facilities

Product Properties:

  • flame retardantefficient and flexible production
  • weldable
  • boil-wash resistant
  • progressivity /stratification
  • insulation
  • variety of finishes


Jakob Härdi AG operates a state of the art laboratory, known spezialists für non-wovens and versatile machinery. We are here to help you develop your own product, that suits the needs of your company and your customers. We look forward working with you as a partner.
Jakob Härdi AG


Are you our new distributor?

150x oekotex stopfwatte en

We are searching for dedicated distributors for our Swiss made non-wovens for:

  • Filter media
  • Clothing and fashion industry
  • Industrial non-wovens
  • Carpet underlay
  • Construction material - floor protection

Please feel free to contact head of sales for further infomation!


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